February 7, 2019

Governor, Tribe cooperate on oil tax sharing bill

Gov. Doug Burgum joined MHA Nation Chairman Mark Fox, legislative leaders and Tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger for a press conference to support  a bill that would change how the state and tribe share tax revenue from oil and gas production and extraction on trust and fee lands.
Senate Bill 2312, introduced by Sen. Jordan Kannianen and co-sponsored by the House and Senate majority leaders, is scheduled for its first hearing on Wednesday. The bill is a product of extensive dialogue between the Governor’s Office, legislative and tribal leaders, industry representatives and the state tax department.
The bill would change the current 50-50 tax revenue split so that 80 percent of the production and extraction tax revenue from new wells on trust lands would go to the tribe and 20 percent would go to the state. On fee land, 80 percent of the revenue would go to the state and 20 percent to the tribe.

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