April 23, 2015

Great Northern Ag expands operations

By Edna Sailor

Great Northern Ag is expanding its operations according to owners, Mark and Kris Kok.

"We are installing a new line to increase the efficiency of operation and quality of products and services offered at our processing plant The portable line is being replaced with a new stationary processing line," said Mark Kok. "Meanwhile the portable unit has been relocated to a temporary hoop building on site to accommodate uninterrupted cleaning services Construction on the new system began last December and is expected to be wrapped up in this month."

The expansion will have benefits for area farmers. The added capacity will accommodate incoming crops in the fall and new equipment will produce a higher quality product to be shipped.

"Producers will find the new system enables Great Northern Ag to do a more thorough job of cleaning seed for their cropping purposes," Kok said. "Increased capacity with more surge both in front and back of the new cleaning line will make it more efficient for delivery of dirty product as well as easing pick up of clean product. The new equipment makes possible more precise grading of products which, in turn, means an increased ability to satisfy higher-end markets of agricultural commodities."

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