November 17, 2016

Happy Birthday, USMC

By Edna Sailor
It was a very special birthday. It was the Marine Corps 241 birthday to be exact. The official date is set for November 10.
Three Affiliated Tribes Chairman Mark Fox was instrumental in working with the Dakota Leatherneck Chapter of the Marine Corps League from Bismarck in landing the celebration at the new Three Affiliated Tribes 4 Bears Casino Event Center. He is a long time member of the group.
Fox opened the celebration and invited the crowd to come closer to the front of the spacious auditorium.
“Come on up front folks. Let’s sit together and share our meal and our stories. That’s what Marines do. It’s what we always do. The birthday party is a significant day for us. We started out over 10 years ago with a few of us getting together with a cake and camaraderie. Each Marine took a turn at telling his story. We did it back then and it is what we continue to do today.” he said

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