August 7, 2014

Harvest is nearly upon us

By Jerry W. Kram

Harvest will soon be underway in the fields of southern Mountrail County, says county Extension Agent Jim Hennessy.

"If you go to the implement dealers in Stanley, all of their shops are full of combines," he said. "They’re taking care of last minute details."

Barley and pea fields are nearly ready in the southern reaches of the county, Hennessy said, while they are about a week away in the northern half. Farmers, at least those who weren’t hit by a severe hail storm in July, should see strong crop yields.

"I think by the weekend we will see some crops being swathed," Hennessy said. "In the north were about a week out in barley and peas. But with the warm weather the crops have advanced quite a bit. We have a pretty awesome crop out there. That’s pretty hard to talk about with everybody around New Town who got the hail. But there is really good crop in the rest of the county. It’s been a good summer and we can’t complain."

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