July 29, 2011

Harvestfest set to kick off Aug. 6

Harvestfest set to kick off Aug. 6
The people of Parshall should keep their eyes on the sky in the coming week as a giant kite show will once again wow onlookers at the annual Harvestfest set for Aug. 6-7.
In it’s fifth year, Harvestfest was moved into early August because previous years it has been hard to garner interest in the event when the summer sun beckoned people to enjoy Lake Sakakawea. The town’s summer celebration this year will also include many new events that have left organizers like Cindy Williamson excited for it’s arrival.
“The food is going to be great and the music is going to be great in the evening,” she said.
As in the past Parshall native Rena Rustad will once again bring her Prairie Winds Kite Company show to town and display not only some large sized kites but also a few trick models. Residents are encouraged to come take in the show that runs 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the baseball field. They are also allowed to bring their own kites to litter the sky with color for the day.
“You can just bring your lawn chairs and watch the show, you don’t have to purchase anything,” Williamson said. “People who have been coming for the past four, five years bring the kites they purchased and if the weather is cooperating she will do a display of trick kites. Those are fun to watch.”

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