July 6, 2017

Helping crops grow and farmers prosper

By Edna Sailor
“We are here for the farmers. If they are gone, we are gone.”
Doug Opland does not mince words about the cooperative relationship between farmers and agronomy. Opland is the Location Manager for United Agronomy in Parshall. The office also serves the New Town area.
Farmers did not always look to agronomists to help make farming decisions.
Opland grew up on a farm in the Des Lacs area and he recalls changes in the Ag industry and how they happened over time.
“One example I can talk about is back when my brother and I actively took over on the farm. We were convinced that no-till was the way to go. Our Dad was not convinced. He fallowed our farm throughout his farming years and did not like it that we were changing that. At one point he told us that if we kept farming that way we would be broke in a couple of years, but the change has worked out very well for us,” Opland said.
Changes were happening fast in the Ag industry with newer chemicals and fertilizers that could optimize the profit margins for farmers. The agricultural industry moved from the family farm lifestyle operation to farming as a business.
“What we saw with those rapid changes was that it was hard for people to keep up with them and the costs. If farmers have not adapted to farming as a business, I am guessing they won’t be around long,” he said.

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