August 11, 2016

High School badly in need of a quick fix​

By Jerry W. Kram
Beth Schwartz, the new superintendent of the Parshall School District, has been making herself known around town, finding out how people feel about the school.
“I stopped that the Wrangler asked some people what they thought about the school,” Schwartz said. “A woman said, ‘We need a new high school.’ It popped out just like it was the main thing on top of her mind.”
That was the introduction of Schwartz’s review of the condition of the facilities of the district for the Parshall School Board. She has walked the halls and classrooms and found plenty to be concerned about.
Her first report was on odor problems that have plagued some classrooms and bathrooms in the high school. The district asked a consulting company to see if the school had a mold problem.

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