May 8, 2009

High water brings new enthusiasm to Parshall Bay

High water brings new enthusiasm to Parshall Bay
One residual benefit to last winter’s deep snow is a higher water level on Lake Sakakawea and that makes Eric Jaeger very happy.
Jaeger, a Mountrail County Park Board member, said the lake will see a renewed interest for a variety of reasons, especially for the fishery that should last for years to come.
“It’s going to have a big impact on access to the lake as a whole,” Jaeger said. “Parshall Bay Recreation Area will have great access on the west high water concrete ramp and if the water keeps rising, we will also have two more concrete ramps in the park usable later this summer. So access all summer and into the fall isn’t going to be a problem at Parshall Bay Rec Area this year.”
Fishing is also going to be different and anglers might have to once again get used to a challenge, according to Jaeger.

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