August 13, 2010

Hoffman retires next week from city of Parshall

Hoffman retires next week from city of Parshall
Longtime auditor says it’s a good time to say goodbye

Parshall’s longtime city auditor is retiring from public service at the end of next week after a distinguished career of 36 years in his position.
Loren Hoffman made his announcement several months ago during a city council meeting and with Aug. 13 just a week away, he said he thought about it a long time and realized it was a good time to make his exit.
“I wanted to pick a good time,” Hoffman said. “The future looks good now. It’s a great time.”
On Aug. 1, Hoffman marked his 36-year anniversary. He said that many years in one position is a long time. And ultimately, the person replacing him will have new and fresh ideas to help the city move forward and keep pace with the oil boom going on in northwestern North Dakota.
“Change is not always for the worst,” Hoffman said. “Of course I will help transition the new person, but I want to stay out of the city’s business as much as I can. I will go to city council meetings, but will be in the audience. I will speak only if asked.”

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