March 18, 2011

Housing helps but doesn’t stop shortage

Housing helps but doesn’t stop shortage
Lutheran Social Services opens first of 20 units in Parshall

An unlikely landlord has now opened several condominiums in the southwest corner of Parshall with eight apartments near downtown soon to open for residents.
Lutheran Social Services Housing Inc., saw the housing need in Parshall nearly two years ago, sought out the proper easements, purchased the property and brought crews in to build 12 condos and eight apartments.
The condos are now occupied, according to Jessica Thomasson, director of LSS Housing. She said there is some work remaining on the apartments, as well as grounds work, but that is expected to be completed by early summer.
“The townhomes are all occupied, but the two 4-plexes are not quite done yet,” Thomasson said. “We expect to complete construction (downtown) there within a month and then we’ll tackle all the grounds work once spring settles in.”

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