May 15, 2014

Housing, survey dominate school board meeting

By Jerry W. Kram

Crafting a new lease agreement for teacher housing and what students think about Parshall’s schools were the top subjects at the Parshall School Board’s regular meeting Tuesday.

Rent and pets were the topic of discussion involving teacher housing owned by the school district. Michelle Billadeau presented a schedule of rent for the district’s 11 units that was worked out in a meeting between the board’s building committee and teachers last week. Billadeau said that for historical reasons, the rent the district charged teachers was pretty random. The new schedule brought the rents more in line with each other based on the number of bedrooms and amenities such as whether the unit included a garage and yard. For most of the units, the rent increase would be about $25 a month to $400 per month.

Stacey Roberts questioned whether the rents the district is charging are high enough. He said the rents should cover the cost of maintaining the apartments so it won’t take money away from educating students.

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