September 10, 2010

Industrial park becoming a reality

Industrial park becoming a reality
Kadrmas Lee & Jackson turns in feasibility report
Parshall’s hypothetical industrial park took center stage Tuesday morning at city council.
Dean Rasmussen, representing Kadrmas, Lee & Jackson, briefed the city council on work he’s been doing to take the next step in making this 75-acre industrial park a reality.
“I’ll have the feasibility report this week and from an engineering standpoint, I didn’t run across anything unusual,” Rasmussen said. “It’s a very viable industrial park.”
Rasmussen then asked the council what the next step might be and suggested getting some people interested in moving into the site because the cost of the land and its improvements are what he called, “really reasonable.”
“We can deliver a full-blown industrial park for half the price as the one in Minot,” Rasmussen said. “But we need a tenant commitment, then we improve the infrastructure.”
If done properly, Rasmussen told the council the park could generate 2 to 6 people per acre on 75 acres on the high end, which would translate to 450 people. But with spinoff industry, he believes a full industrial park could directly and indirectly effect 1,000 people.
“It’s really a sales driven project and we need 40 acres on the hook to reach a break-even point,” Rasmussen said. “We have the flexibility to go in size from 5 to 40 acres, so I thought a Class A industrial park only made sense to draw the end users.”

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