December 4, 2014

Justice Center officers complete training

By Edna Sailor

Last week the Gerald "Tex" Fox Justice Center welcomed four newly trained Correction Officers back to their staff. They are Gary Everette, Garrison and Kyle Loren Craig, Addison Baker, and Alonzo Jones, all of New Town. The four men worked for the center prior to the training.

Recently they received diplomas to officially enter the professional corrections arm of law enforcement. The group received their training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Artesia, N.M. When they walked back through the doors with their diplomas in hand, they did so as professionally trained and certified Correction Officers.

The group thought the first two weeks of training was physically and academically demanding, but were determined to support each other and complete it. The six week training curriculum revolved around three central themes which focus on safety and security of officers, inmates and facility in that priority.

"We feel the Justice Center staff is family to us and we will do our best to see that everyone is safe and secure." they said.

The four young men know the exact challenges they face and are willing to accept all responsibilities to meet them.

"The biggest challenge lies in the difference between the adult and youth populations. Youth are more immature and most often we deal with attitude," Jones said.

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