January 28, 2016

Lace up your skates

By Edna Sailor

Kids are strapping on ice skates in Parshall these days. Lots of them. A newly built skating rink is being met with much approval by children and others who wish to brave the cold.

The rink was a vision of Three Affiliated Tribes Chairman, Mark Fox.

"When we grew up in Parshall there was a skating rink and I remember as a kid being outside in the fresh air all the time. I want the same for the children growing up now. We are planning to build a skating rink in every community on the reservation. I am pleased with the support of our communities and our council to get this done for our children," Fox said.

The ice surface is complete and a warming house building has been moved to the rink site at 12 Central Avenue East in Parshall. Future plans include providing hot chocolate and snacks at the location. The plan went into action a few months ago with Byron Young Bird who was hired as project coordinator. Melodie Sockbasin assisted with the execution of details.

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