May 9, 2019

Last graduating class for Parshall’s old school

Last graduating class for Parshall’s old school
By Edna Sailor
Soon the last school lunches will be eaten, the last school buzzer will sound, and the last classes and graduation will be held at Parshall School.
Soon the Parshall will watch as the lights in the new school facility come on. Like its predecessor, it will take its place to serve generations in the future. The end of any era prompts mixed feelings for most people. These “last times” for Parshall Elementary and High School is no different. And many found a way to express just that.
“It is mixed feelings for me,” said Parshall High School Superintendent Shane Sagert. “On one hand it is kind of sad. So many have so many memories and we won’t see the murals anymore from those who put what was important to them back then. At the same time we are excited about the new school with its ‘Fab Lab” and state of the art 3D printer, STEM science and tech space for K through 12. 

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