January 12, 2017

Legislative Update

Jordan Kannianen, District 4 Senator
The session is upon us and we’ve hit the ground running.
If you haven’t viewed Governor Burgum’s State of the State address, I encourage you to watch it at governor.nd.gov. Also, the North Dakota Legis Daily app and the website legis.nd.gov allow the tracking of all bills and the schedule of each committee.
The Senate Education Committee, of which I’m a member, heard testimony on SB2091, which would adjust the science coursework required for North Dakota high school students to be eligible for college scholarships. Other flexible requirements were added which benefit both students who move in from out-of-state whose previous coursework doesn’t match the standard North Dakota curriculum schedule as well as those who want to have options to take additional coursework by the time they’re a senior. SB2091 received a do-pass recommendation in committee and unanimously passed the Senate on the floor. It now moves to the House.

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