November 9, 2017

Lego learners build skills for the future

By Edna Sailor
When seventeen children come together at Parshall Elementary school to work with their Legos in the Master Builders class, it might look like fun, but there is a whole lot of learning going on at the same time. The class is part of an overall Youth Enrichment Program at the school.
Melody Sockabasin, the leader of the group, is excited about her students and their opportunity to learn.
“It’s more than play. It is about leadership, team work and an intro to engineering and social skills. I would say the Youth Enrichment program is intended to provide opportunities for students grades K-6 to stretch themselves. The purpose of the enrichment program is to provide access to, and opportunities for, a well-rounded education for all students. Life and career skills such as healthy living, team work, collaboration and problem solving will be promoted as well as a variety of opportunities to assure the interests of all students are met,” she said.
The class is part of an overall plan to add long term depth to student learning.

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