January 29, 2010

Levings announces intentions to seek a second term

Levings announces intentions to seek a second term
Chairman Marcus Levings formally announced his intentions last week to seek a second term to serve in the primary leadership position for the Three Affiliated Tribes (TAT). Levings has thus far fulfilled the position with his main obligation to keep tribal membership and the general public informed of the tribal government’s plans, actions, and outcomes.
In November 2006, members of the Three Affiliated Tribes voted Levings into office. Since that time he has worked diligently to assure understandable and productive tribal government for the people comes to reality.
As a direct result of his actions, an exceptional number of Tribal Council meetings has taken place, there is unprecedented access to tribal members and Levings has provided an aggressive approach at solving the challenges that exist in servicing the people of the Three Affiliated Tribes.
“Today, I’m not only in the beginning of my fourth year as chairman, but I also hosted Tribal Council Meeting No. 179 – a historical record of both regular and special meetings,” he said.
Levings has authored and produced his own newsletter reaching out to tribal members, whether they be political allies or not, in an effort to engage them.
“We’re all together in this great struggle to achieve economic opportunity, equality of economic opportunity and also to insure that the government functions for and by the people,” he said.

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