July 31, 2014

Lewis and Clark school plans on track

By Edna Sailor

As summer fades and school doors open in just a few weeks, Lewis and Clark District 161 Superintendant, Brian Nelson is feeling "ecstatic" about the prospects for the coming year. The district is poised to initiate construction bids for Plaza and Berthold schools following the April voter approved $15 million bond measure.

Construction plans for Berthold and Plaza schools are on the drawing board pending bid outcomes. Construction is tentatively planned for spring of 2015. Students may be able to be in their desks by 2016-2017 if plans go as scheduled. The expansions and improvements to both schools are expected to provide more efficient delivery of services to students throughout the district according to Nelson.

Nelson says, "I am excited, no, ecstatic" he repeats and adds, I am extremely proud of our district and the way it has come together for our kids. The patrons voted for kids. I am happy to say that Makoti contributed 41 votes and Ryder 16. Sadly, Makoti loses a school, which is never easy for any community."

Nelson attributes the overall 68 per cent voter approval of the measures to "strong patron education of the issues and challenges." He said, "People understood what we were asking for and we had a united board. Patrons gave us permission to spend $15 million dollars of their money and I don’t take that lightly."

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