March 1, 2018

Lifelong passion turns into business

By Edna Sailor
Donia Packineau used to have a small, orange, crank sewing machine as a child. She used it to sew Barbie clothes, play things, or small hand sewn gifts for family and friends. She just sat there with her little orange sewing machine and contented herself by being busy and productive. She also relished some sewing kits and bits of yarn given to her by family members. She grew more and more fond of sewing.
“Even though I was adopted, grandparents and aunts and uncles were wonderfully encouraging and always bought my crafts from me or bought me yarn and embroidery kits to work on. During my grade school years, I mostly made things to play with, give as gifts or to wear. I still have that tiny, orange, hand crank sewing machine. It’s a chain stitch and I made Barbie Doll clothes with it,” Packineau said.

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