October 30, 2014

Lisa Lee brings Yoga to Mountrail County

By Edna Sailor

When Lisa Lee first sought out Yoga it was during a time when she worked as a peace officer on Las Vegas Boulevard for four and a half years. She reminds herself that it was anything but peaceful. During her time there working as a first responder she started taking yoga regularly as a way to release the stress of the job.

"I knew right away I wanted to get certified and help others find inner peace through yoga," Lee said

That is what she did all the way from Las Vegas to Makoti where she currently holds class. Lisa calls her approach to Yoga as Fusion. It is a combination of many types of training over the past ten years.

"I like to incorporate traditional yoga poses with balance, strength, flexibility, sun salutations, ab work, and various meditation styles," Lee said. "Each week I try a new meditation ranging from a focus on breathing, relaxing the physical body, emotional healing, visualizations, guided meditations and others from time to time. I also use a mix of music incorporating traditional yoga sounds with more current pop music that makes students want to move."

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