May 23, 2019

Little Learners graduate

Little Learners graduate
By Edna Sailor
Twenty youthful graduates took their places in front of admiring parents, grandparents and community members to mark the transition from their very first stages of education. Some will transition into kindergarten, but the youngest of the group will be back for more preparation next year.
The pint sized graduates marked the occasion by performing energetic activity songs for their audience. Staff featured a slide show of photos taken throughout the school year. Cake and other treats gave the audience a chance to visit following the brief ceremony. Graduates each received a sand pail filled with items to keep them busy over the summer.
Many believe that pre-school is a play time for youth, but their instructor, Whitney Carter, knows that the curricula is designed to provide specific outcomes for her Little Learners.
“When I think of my students and all that I want for them; I am so overwhelmed with expectations and hopes for each and every one. It is hard to pinpoint specifically what is most important. If I had to choose just a few, I want most for my students to enter into kindergarten with a sense of confidence and the ability to help themselves. Fostering independence is so important. I believe that if we do something for a child that they are able to do for themselves, we are only doing them a disservice. In our classroom we learn, right away at the beginning of the year, how to dress and undress in winter gear, how to locate items in our classroom, how to use the tools in our classroom, and we focus heavily on responsibility for our things and making sure they are put away neatly,” Carter said.

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