August 13, 2015

Living her art

Myers returns to hobby she loves

By Edna Sailor

The African savanna and an oil painting of a Kudu, an antelope like animal, will soon take Peggy Myers’ painting of them from her home in Parshall to a more global setting.

Myers, who grew up in Plaza, came to paint the exotic beast when the family hired a young man from Africa through a program to help work on the family farm. Thai Ellis came to Parshall from the community of Beaufort in the province of Western Cape in South Africa.

"I can’t say enough about him. He asked me to paint the Kudu for him. If I ever wanted another son, he would be the one," Myers said.

Across the room is another of the many paintings that adorn her living room. This one strikes closer to home.

The subject matter focuses on a soiled pair of very worn and tired looking military boots sitting on the ground. The canvas features lettering, carefully and lovingly painted. It reads, "These boots took me to Iraq and back." The painting is signed, "Mom." The boots belong to her son, Rob Myers.

"When I thought of Rob in the service, the boots came into my mind. I knew about his experiences and I wanted to paint something about that. I called him up when he got back from Iraq and told him to take his boots outside, set them on the ground and take a picture of them." He did and that is how the painting came to be," Myers said.

Myers' home is a virtual museum of her works.

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