September 20, 2017

Looking for a scond chances

Committee asks school to revisit school referendum
By Jerry W. Kram
A half dozen community members joined Parshall School Board President Michelle Hoff and School Superintendent Beth Schwarz to discuss why a bond referendum for a new school failed and how a campaign for a new vote this winter could succeed.
Hoff started by saying that it wasn’t unusual for bond referenda to fail on their first attempt. It can take several tries for the school district’s information to be disseminated throughout the community. She added that the committee has to take the concerns and questions of those who opposed the referendum serious and specifically address them in a second campaign.
Attending the meeting with Schwarz and Hoff were Barb Waldock, Jessica Olson, Brooke Locken, Julene Albertson, Shane Hart, and Jacobi Jarski. Also attending the meeting was Trevor Huffaker for EngTech, the firm that is designing the new school and guiding the district through the approval process.

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