August 4, 2016

Maintenance, lack of employees keep pool closed

By Edna Sailor
In many communities with school just around the corner, August signals a time to hang up the swim suit, beach towel, put away the beach ball, floaties, and other trappings of an active swimming season. Unfortunately that will not be happening in Parshall this year. The sad fact is that the swimming pool did not open this summer.
Officials in Parshall were unable to overcome several challenges to opening the Parshall swimming pool this summer.
“Lets face it, the pool is just old,” said, Kelly Woessner, Parshall City Auditor.
Age and maintenance of the pool are both key issues.
“Our pool was built in approximately 1952, and has issues with the underground water pipes that circulate the water. These pipes are all under the cement that surrounds the entire pool. Other issues are the pool has to be winterized with just the right amount of water for winter freeze to prevent the pool from pushing up during the winter. If that isn’t maintained, it would damage the pool,” Woessner said.

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