December 16, 2011

Mandaree man opens engineering company

Mandaree man opens engineering company
When Jason Baker moved to Fargo from Mandaree to attend North Dakota State University he acquired a degree in civil engineering and an education in martial arts. At first blush, those two topics may seem incongruous, but as Baker discovered, they have a lot more in common than one may think.
“I think training for martial arts, regardless of style, is incredibly helpful for everybody. … It’s basically learning how to control your thoughts and emotions,” he explained. “That mentality of knowing yourself and understanding yourself, regardless of the situation, translates to engineering because things happen all the time that require you to think things through.”
Baker’s mental fortitude has served him well, whether it was earning his bachelor’s degree, his master’s degree from NDSU or starting his own engineering and planning company, Baker Consulting, in his hometown of Mandaree. Owning his own engineering company is an aspiration Baker realized when he started college, even though he didn’t know when or how it was going to happen. While working for the Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute at NDSU and earning his master’s degree, Baker began understanding more about the oil activity in western North Dakota and recognized that he could make a difference there.

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