June 27, 2019

Mandaree takes the gold in Parshall

By Jerry W. Kram
Mandaree out dueled Four Bears as the team of Young Bear Express finished several lengths ahead of White Tail Express to win the Gold Division of the Parshall Indian Relay Races held at the Healing Horse Ranch.
Rider Tyray Cadotte made smooth exchanges on a rainy day that made it difficult for other riders to hang on to their bareback mounts. The exchanges gave Cadotte an insurmountable lead over the four other riders in the Gold division of the races.
Indian Relay Racing is a fast growing sport where a team of a riders and horse handlers work together to cross the finish line first. Each rider has three horses. At the start of the race he mounts his first horse bareback and then completes one lap around the track. He must then dismount and mount the second horse, often while the other riders are doing the same in close proximity. The process is repeated for the third and final lap.
Cadotte said it was teamwork between him and his handlers that made the victory possible.
“It was a lot of fun today,” Cadotte said. “The team worked together and we got it done. In the first race, we had a little trouble on our first switch. But then we got in front and finished the race.”
Cadotte has been racing for four years with team owner James Phelan. He enjoys the challenge of going up against other excellent riders.

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