March 26, 2015

Michigan man finds future in ranching


By Edna Sailor

Cory Osborn was still living in Michigan when he heard about jobs in North Dakota from his grandparents, Ron and Joyce Hanson who ranch near New Town. Cory’s Mother, sister and brother moved here before Cory did and found work. Cory finished high school in Michigan and in 2009 like the rest of his family, the employment opportunities attracted him to North Dakota. Initially, that is. Cory landed in New Town to look for work. He did not have to look far. He found plenty of want ads in the paper and has worked around the area since his arrival.

But something happened to Cory when he set foot on his grandparents’ ranch West of New Town. He liked it. He liked it a lot.

"I have worked as a roustabout and in the construction business, but ranching is what I want to do most" he said. "I visited my grandparents’ ranch sometimes as a child. I kind of knew that I liked it then, but now I am old enough to make the decision for myself. I don’t mind hard work or getting up early in the morning to get chores done. What I like most about ranching is the freedom to be your own boss and being outside."

Of course with that package comes making hay, hauling bales and other ranch duties such as picking rock. The twenty-four year old takes it all in stride.

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