October 17, 2008

Mobile Trace is new drug fighting tool


Mobile Trace is new drug fighting tool


Tribal police added a new tool to their drug-fighting arsenal last week that is so advanced, it will detect trace amounts of narcotics and explosives.

Eleven tribal patrol officers and officials of the Three Affiliated Tribes Law Enforcement Meth Project received training last Thursday on the Mobile Trace, a computerized detection machine created by General Electric.

Mike Horsman, a representative of General Electric was in New Town to conduct the training to the 11 officers in attendance.

"It’s actually a pretty good machine," said Jay Standish, with the TAT Meth Project. "We went into a place that we knew was contaminated so at least we know what the machine will do."

According to Standish, the Mobile Trace will detect minute amounts of cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and other drugs as well as a myriad of explosive ingredients.

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