March 23, 2017

Moen brings rural roots to nation’s capitol

By Edna Sailor
Madison Moen works in Washington D.C. as an intern in Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s office these days. When she traveled there in January of this year she took her rural roots right along with her.
Madison grew up on a farm just north of Plaza. She attended elementary school in Plaza and North Shore High School in Plaza for a time but graduated in 2014 from Berthold High School. Then it was off to the University of North Dakota to continue her education.
“I am currently a junior at the University of North Dakota where I am working toward a Communications Major with a Minor in Leadership. I believe my generation needs to step up and work together, to lead by example, so that we can continue to make North Dakota’s communities a place we call home. Later this year, I will be applying to law schools,” Moen said.
Now, you might wonder how all this interest in the internship began for Madison.

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