February 16, 2017

More input wanted on swimming pool

By Jerry W. Kram
The Parshall City Council’s determination to get a new recreational opportunity up and running ran into a snag at the most recent council meeting.
Antonio Conti, an engineer with Ackerman Estvold was about to present his latest estimates for the cost of building a pool and splashpad, with an option just to put in a splashpad, to be located north of the Broste Rock Museum. He never had a chance to make his presentation as Pem Hall requested the council take more community input on the location of the pool.
Hall said that the community input meeting scheduled by the Parshall Park Board conflicted with an election that was held for the Parshall Community Board. Fewer than a half dozen people commented at the Park Board’s input meeting.
Hall presented a document asking where a new pool and splashpad should be located. There were 32 signatures supporting locating the pool near the site of the current, nonfunctional pool at the elementary school. Seven signatures supported the location near the rock museum.

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