March 10, 2016

Mush: Student prepare to follow the Iditarod trail

By Edna Sailor

The mushers are off on the 2016 Iditarod race in Alaska. So are the students at Plaza Elementary school. In their classrooms, that is. Angie Bersaw’s third grade class will lead the way again this year, but other classes will also follow the mushers along the way in their Iditarod project.

It might seem like this activity is too much fun to be considered school work. But there is learning involved, serious learning. Bersaw explained how the project and its academic activities work. She expects and gets a lot from her students.

"My third and fourth graders are the main force in learning with this project. I have 15 students this year. However, the whole school is involved. Each class has one musher to follow and I will give them the website information so they can watch video and keep up to date with their musher with the GPS tool," Bersaw said.

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