September 3, 2015

Myer's Meats celebrates 50 Years

Myers’ Meat Processing was started in 1965 by Wilfred and Emelia Myers. The original equipment was purchased from Earl Liebel’s grocery store in Raub. An addition in 1968 created more space for slaughtering on site, and USDA inspection operations began in 1970. Although all the Myers’ children worked in the operation growing up, Calvin and Eileen assumed the daily responsibility of being "self-employed" in 1981. Soon after, Gary and Diane Myers (Calvin’s brother and Eileen’s sister) joined in the venture. They continued for about 10 years until Gary left to pursue another passion, "aguaculture." Gary now does consulting internationally in aquaculture.

Through the 80’s, Myers’ concentrated on building their snack business, as well as heavily marketing our deer processing services. They also became involved in some ventures that were just "exercise and education."

By 1997, Myers’ were ready to "bust" out the walls again, and an expansion added much needed cold storage space, as well as a dedicated customer service area. This would prove very necessary. By 2007, the "oil boom" had begun to impact their business in a nice way. They were selling considerable steak, burger, and snack items to a walk in clientele that was non-existent before.

In 2009, Calvin and Eileen’s son, Alexander, joined the family corporation.

"It is great to have youth in a labor intensive business. Fresh ideas and optimism abound," said Eileen. Alex’s degree in Business Administration would now be applied.

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