July 30, 2010

Neighbors helping neighbors

Neighbors helping neighbors
Parshall home gets extreme makeover

All Robin Fox wanted was a bathtub for her five young girls but what she got can only be described as an incredible act of kindness.
Fox, who lives just south of Parshall High School, said her house received an extreme makeover, much like what many of us see on the popular ABC show on Sunday nights.
Fox stood on the lawn last Thursday in disbelief as more than a dozen people scurried around the yard, inside the house, on the roof and around the garage, painting, tearing shingles down, working on shrubbery, building a fence, and of all things, backing an industrial truck onto the lawn to dump dirt and gravel for landscaping.
“There’s a lot of activity going on here,” Fox said. “They put in a tub and shower for the kids and that was really the only thing we wanted.”

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