December 11, 2014

New beginning

MHA Nation inaugurates new leadership

By Jerry W. Kram

A new day dawned on the Fort Berthold Reservation on Dec. 4. That evening, a celebration at the 4 Bears Events Center marked the inauguration of a new generation of leadership of the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikira Nation.

Tribal Chairman Mark Fox, newly elected segment representatives Cory Spotted Bear and Frank Grady, and incumbent Parshall/Lucky Mound Representative Mervin Packineau took their places as leaders of the Three Affiliated Tribes for the next four years. The celebration was marked with dancing, drums, food and of course, speeches.

Packineau spoke of his father, who had served on the Tribal Business Council back in the 1970s. He said he was both proud and humbled to be elected for a fourth term on the council.

"Being on the council is a humbling experience," Packineau said.

Packineau said that he knows there are members of the community who don’t agree with everything the council does, and he thinks that’s good.

"We will always have a loyal opposition," he said. "What we have to remember is that someone who disagrees with you doesn’t hate you. We just have different ideas for what is best for the people of the Fort Berthold Reservation."

Packineau painted an optimistic picture of the future. He said the tribe is not just in good economic shape, but it is in a position to improve people’s lives through improved education and health care.

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