June 18, 2015

New faces on Parshall School Board

By Jerry W. Kram

Starting next month, there will be a lot of new faces on the Parshall School District Board of Education.

Three new members will take their place on the five member board. William "Billy" Johnson, Jay Clauson, and Clover Little Soldier won seats on the board in the recent school board election. Johnson will replace Patrick Packineau, who was appointed to fill the position when Carol Zacher resigned from the board last year representing rural residents. Clauson will finish the term Pete Coffey for the north Parshall seat. Coffey had to resign after moving out of the voting area. Little Soldier will replace Ramona Two Shields for the south Parshall seat.

Kelly Woessner, who ran a write in campaign for a seat on the board, informed the board that there were some irregularities in the voting. Some residents were given two ballots to vote while others were told that they were only to vote on one ballot. After the meeting, Woessner examined the ballots and pointed out those that were incorrect, but agreed that there weren’t enough to make a difference in the results.

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