August 25, 2016

New Parshall teachers ready for new year

By Jerry W. Kram
New teachers were preparing for the coming school year in Parshall and provided these short biographies to the Mountrail County Record to introduce themselves.
Jason A. Wedel
I originally came from California (born in Redwood City, raised in Corona and Modesto). I have had the honor of serving our nation in the USAF, where I was stationed at the local air base.
After being in the service I attended college at Minot State University, where I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Education. I substituted for a while but then started working at Burdick Job Corps Center.
I am teaching primarily 9-12th graders with one class of seventh graders. The subjects include: Computer Applications, Introduction to Business, Multimedia II, Office Procedures, and Keyboarding.
I expect my students to succeed, to have an understanding of all of the material included in the state standards, and depending on the class, even more. I plan on each student leaving the class with a better understanding of professionalism.

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