August 28, 2014

New principal at Parshall Elementary School

By Jerry W. Kram

As you walk into the principal’s office at the Parshall Elementary School, a big man will hold out a box of butterscotch drops and peanut butter cups.

That’s one way Louis Reese tries to take some of the stress away in his new job as principal of Parshall Elementary School.

"I figure if they associate me with something sweet, they won’t be afraid to come talk to me," Reese said.

It’s a philosophy he takes to the doors of the school, where he appears each day to greet the students and teachers as they arrive for school.

"I was warmly received by almost all of the parents," Reese said. "Some of the kids were standoffish the first day. The next day kids in the fourth, fifth, six grade came up and high fived me. I got a couple of hugs around the knees from the little kids. There is nothing that will humble you quicker than a young child coming up and hugging you around the knees because you are there for them."

Reese is working hard to make sure all the kids get to know him, visiting every classroom over the first two days of school.

Reese grew up in Arizona, and attend Junior College and one year of college before joining the Army. After he was discharged from the Army, he worked for the Justice Department before returning to college at Montana State University, where he graduated. He later received a Master’s Degree from Capella University.

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