June 23, 2016

No summer vacation for Parshall School Board

By Jerry W. Kram

The classrooms are quiet except for the whirr of the floor polisher. The hallways and lockers are empty as students enjoy the lazy days of summer sunshine. But the work of the Parshall School Board carries on.

School Facilities manager Cletus Coomer gave an extensive report on the work that is going on to get the school buildings and teacher housing ready for this fall’s returning students. But first he had to report on some steps he had to take to curb some summertime mischief. He said someone has been taking an ATV out onto the football field while the sprinklers are on in the middle of the night. The unknown offender has been purposely running over the sprinkler heads and breaking them. So Coomer has locked the gate and put up a "No ATVs" sign.

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