June 16, 2016

North Parshall development back on the drawing board

By Jerry W. Kram

The Highlands of Parshall is no more.

The developers of the ambitious development project that would have converted a half section of agricultural land to a master-planned residential area sold the western half of the to the Northeast Segment Community Development Board a few months ago. Engineers working with the segment board unveiled a much more modest and practical plan for what they are calling the Wild Horse Addition.

Chris Sexton, the project design leader with Short Elliott Hendrickson, Inc., presented a preliminary plat at the last Parshall City Council meeting. The proposed plan covers 111 acres. The plan includes four commercial lots covering seven acres that would border Seventh Avenue NW. It also includes five lots zoned for apartment buildings totalling 14 acres. The next row north would have 43 lots covering just under nine acres zone for multifamily dwellings like duplexes. The bulk of the development, 189 lots covering 59 acres would zoned for single family houses. Five lots covering 22 acres will be reserved for parks and storm water management.

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