September 1, 2016

North Shore starts new era

By Edna Sailor
“We have to be more of an example to the younger students,” is how Janene Peterson, a senior, at Lewis and Clark-North Shore School in Plaza summed up the new school environment that now includes Kindergarten through grade 12 in Plaza.
“It is a different experience here. With the two schools separated between Makoti and Plaza, there was always kind of a division. Now everything is over here and even though I am from Makoti, it seems like with sports and everything, there is a greater connection now,” Peterson said.
 The comments came on the second day of school in Plaza at Lewis and Clark School as it opened its doors to grades K through 12 for the first time since 2000.
And even though it was just the second day of school, the government class was in full swing. High School teacher, Joan Petrick, challenged students when she displayed a statement on her brand new smart board. It was a quote from James Madison.

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