November 1, 2018

Not the last supper at Shell Creek

Not the last supper at Shell Creek
By Edna Sailor
Last year there were rumors that 2017 would be the last fall supper at Shell Creek, the small rural church located north of Plaza. With parishioner numbers declining over the years and an aging parish, many were not sure there would be another church supper this year. But owing to strong and spirited members, 2018 saw the little church on the prairie welcome a large crowd of hungry visitors.
Dozens of visitors crowded the upstairs sanctuary waiting for the number that would gain them a seat around round tables laden with roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, lefse of course, vegetables and apple or pumpkin pie to complete the dining experience. Visitors knew it was worth the wait.
Preparing the mouth watering food incorporated a crew that sprouted workers from all ages. Youthful workers contributed most of the serving and other legwork. Another generation piled into food preparation and with people still arriving all the time, their tasks were continuous without much of a break. Potatoes had to be mashed, roast beef cut, gravy made and pies cut.

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