January 10, 2013

Oil field water trucks cause home owner headaches

Oil field water trucks cause home owner headaches
By Jerry W. Kram
Bulk water sales have been a boon for the City of Parshall. The added income the city has earned selling water for oil field fracking is financing a comprehensive street and sewer renovation for the entire city as well as helping pay some of the costs that will come with the city’s expansion. However, the burden of all the additional truck traffic in the city has fallen on a few homeowners living in near the bulk fill station on Third Ave. SE.
Larry Snyder visited with the Parshall City Council at the council’s January meeting on Tuesday. He said the burden from the trucks has become overwhelming to the residents in the area. While the traffic in and out during the day, and the dust the trucks kick up is a problem, Snyder said he was more concerned about the large number of trucks that spend hours – often all night – parked on the street waiting to get their tankers filled, despite “No Truck Parking” signs in the area.

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