September 4, 2014

Out of state teachers meet critical shortages, add value to classrooms

By Edna Sailor

Value added is a modern day term used to describe "the enhancement of a product or service creating a greater sense of value." Area schools may now be able to apply that description to a new and diverse faculty teaching in local school classrooms. Area administrators readily acknowledge the value that geographically diverse teaching staff bring to their schools.

"I believe that those staff members who have a different world view can help share those experiences with the students", said Marc Bluestone, Superintendent of the New Town Schools. "They can also let the students know that there are endless possibilities and the sky is the limit for each of them."

Dr. John Weidner, Superintendent at Parshall Schools, agreed.

"These teachers bring experiences from all around the nation," Weidner said. "Things that happen in Iowa and Florida are different than what happens in Parshall, North Dakota. This experience will be a boon to student learning. I would also say it will be good for our local teachers as well as they learn how things work in other parts of the country. "

At Lewis and Clark schools fewer out of state teachers have been hired, but Brian Nelson, Superintendent, sees value as well.

"Anytime we bring people in from out of state they bring something to the table that we can learn from," Nesons said. "The opposite is also true. Our teachers have much to teach them as well."

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