January 14, 2016

Paddleboarding is fun exercise

By Edna Sailor

There is more than one way to bump up New Year’s Resolutions and get fit at the same time. Ruth Zacher and her friend, Dawn Ritts, Manager of the Van Hook Resort participated in paddleboarding or SUPing (Stand Up Paddleboarding) as long as long as they could this winter. Lake Sakakawea waters remained open until mid December this year.

Now they look forward to spring 2016 and encourage others to do the same. The frozen lake is no deterrent in looking forward to spring paddleboarding season. It is really not that far away for the stout heart. Ritts looks forward to it every year.

"I do a lot of paddling early in the spring, just as the ice is melting. In the spring it is VERY important to wear a wetsuit and a life jacket, that way if you fall in, your bases are covered. Also, I make sure to tell my husband when I’m heading out, where I’m going and when I should be back. It is so calm and peaceful, incredibly beautiful. It’s just you, your board and the lake," she said

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