June 14, 2012

Park Board gets new look

Park Board gets new look
By Jerry W. Kram
The Parshall Park Board will get an injection of new blood as three incumbents, Royce Aslakson, Pat Andes and Robert Loock stepped down this year. Taking their place will be Carol Hall, who received 109 votes, Tim Jarski, who received 94 votes and Dan Dapelo, who got 77 votes.
Parshall residents reelected Byron Youngbird and Tom Huus to the city council with 94 and 83 votes respectively. Cheryl Bruce came in third with 66 votes.
Parshall voters also overwhelmingly approved requiring the city council to continue publishing minutes of city council meetings in the official newspaper, the Mountrail County Record.
Elections for the Parshall School Board will be held next Tuesday, June 19.

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