August 19, 2011

Parshall ambulance looking for drivers and EMT’s

Parshall ambulance looking for drivers and EMT’s
If you drop in at the ambulance garage in Parshall to chat with the squad members, there will be no lack of conversation. That’s because they are often so busy they are rarely all in the same room.
Members of volunteer ambulance squads live sort of double-lives. They work, have families and for the most part go about their business the same as anyone else. “But when that pager goes off,” EMT Ruth Zacher said, “you gotta go.”
That’s happening more and more, according Squad Leader Jamie Clemensen. Clemensen said that the ambulance has taken on nearly double the calls over the last three years. As of this week, the squad has responded to over 170 calls, up from 120 total calls in 2010. In the first 16 days of this month, EMT Penny Estvold said she’d already responded to 12 calls.

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