January 15, 2015

Parshall Bay Angler featured on cover of Sakakawea Country

By Cheryl McCormack

Reeling in a big fish can lead to even bigger adventures, both on and off the boat. For Caden Germundson, a photo was all it took to turn this passionate angler into a cover star.

The Washburn sixth-grade student was selected to grace the cover of this year’s Sakakawea Country, a regional publication that provides information on hunting, fishing and local accommodations to thousands of tourists each year.

In the photo, Caden is smiling from ear-to-ear, as he proudly displays a fish about half his size.

He recently described the moment he caught the 29-inch walleye at Parshall Bay. "It was overcast and windy, but not super cold. My dad, Kyle, and I were back in the bay, pulling crankbaits. The rod snapped and when we reeled it up, the fish on the line was really, really big."

The Germundsons were fishing in eight feet of water, using a fire tiger shad rap lure.

Kyle snapped the award-winning photo just minutes before Caden released the fish back into the bay. Then the Germundsons did what any good fishermen would do – they threw their baited lines back in the lake. By sunset, Caden and Kyle had several more "big fish stories" to share with their loved ones back home.

Caden said Parshall Bay is his favorite place to cast a line. Because the family owns a cabin in the area, they have easy access to the lake and its prime fishing. Sometimes Caden’s 8-year-old brother, Bridger, will jump aboard the boat for a day of fishing, but usually it’s just Caden and his dad, spending quality time on the lake together. "It’s fun to go fishing with Grandpa Bud, too," Caden said.

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