September 30, 2011

Parshall Braves brave long bus rides

Parshall Braves brave long bus rides
By Jerry W. Kram
If the Parshall Braves football team could fly to their games, they would be racking up some major frequent flier miles.
The North Dakota High School Athletics Association (NDHSAA) realigned the state’s football districts last year. The 40 smallest schools were placed in four 9-man football regions, said Nick Ator, athletic director for the Parshall School District. Parshall was placed in the West Region for this year and next year. That has meant some long bus rides for Parshall athletes, cheerleaders, parents and coaches.
The team has traveled to Beach, Hettinger, and Dickinson. Those games have required round trips of 300 to more than 400 miles for the Parshall team.
“Crosby used to be one of our longest trips of the year at about two hours,” Ator said. “They came here this year, but when we travel there next year it will be one of the shortest trips of the year.”

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