December 3, 2010

Parshall Centennial committee organizes

Parshall Centennial committee organizes
First formal meeting set for Jan. 13 in City Hall

It’s more than three years away, but those who call Parshall home need to start thinking about the community’s centennial because there is a lot to prepare.
Founded in 1914, Parshall will be celebrating it’s 100th anniversary sometime in the summer of 2014. If crowds and events from Parshall’s 75th jubilee in 1989 are any indication of things to come, the centennial is expected to be a huge event.
Karen Jorgenson and Cindy Williamson sat down Monday and talked about the possibilities, lots of them, that ran the gamut from parades to drawing big-name entertainment. And because dates haven’t yet been picked, there’s not a lot of concrete planning that can’t be done until that happens.
“If there is anyone with experience in this, we’d like help,” said Williamson. “We need to have a centennial committee and we need people to join that committee.”

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